Monday, May 18, 2009

Hit and Run

Finally! Its up on YouTube, but I thought I would post it here as well. I cant believe that it has been over a year and now it is all done!


Friday, May 8, 2009


Sooo, im about to Graduate in a two hours and i cannot believe it. It has been the most ridiculously awesome 4 years of my life. Sure there have been the ups and the downs but none the less i wanted to say thank you to everyone at Ringling these past years. You guys have made it the best and if there are people out there considering whetere or not to come to Ringling, minus some of the BS, its awesome!

Also, i am going to post the final version of Greg and Mines film very driving out to Arizona with a friend to help him move back home then im flying to San Francisco! Im gonna be looking for a place to stay for the next year, hopefully for many more years to come as well!

Class of '09 forever!!