Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas


I guess to be politically correct...Happy Holidays! Thesis is chugging along, actually we took a break from it for the Holiday Break. We got plenty of corrections to make but a plan of attack for the Spring Semester. Its shaping up, semester we get into more texturing and rendering so Greg and I should be posted a lot more updates!! 4 more months....yikes.

In the meantime been working on some more personal stuff...heres one of my gifts for my parents. I orignally planned for it to be a Christmas gift last winter but that didnt really pan out so i revised it and added a spot for my Sister-in-Law. Cranked it out in a few nights, definitely going to try and do MORE stuff with color, its a challenge...

Anywho HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Marinos!!!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long Time

Its been way too long. Been busy though, thesis is killer! Its been very up and down, some days goo, most days...rough. Its definitely coming together, we have our final pass/fail crit in a WEEK. There is still plenty to do but in the midst of all this crazy work I have managed to build a website for my Portfolio class. Its still a bit under construction but it should be complete here in the next few days, actually it has to be or ill fail the class... but check it out!