Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Time

Wow...summer, for me at least, is almost over. Headed back to school soon, just finished up my internship at Big Huge Games. AWESOME! Those guys there are seriously awesome and super kool to work with. Seriously i never had so much fun doing work in my life. Nerf gun fights and 3D...what more can you ask for. Anyways, i havent been slacking on thesis either, at night been working as much as i can. So far im nearing completion on the Knockouts car, i dont have any renders just screen grabs. When textured it will look a bit more weathered and old, kinda like its been through quite a bit...

Next up...the Deconstructor, hopefulyl he will be done by the time classes start



Matthew J Killian said...

Looking really awesome, Alex. I actually remember sitting in the lab, watching over Greg’s shoulder while he painted this sucker, thinking to myself, “Damn, wish I could do that.” And now I’m looking at your model thinking the same thing. Great job -- can’t wait to see what’s next.

Gordon Pinkerton said...

aw man. that's looking great! i really love the two sets of wheels in front concept. really nice transition from drawing to 3D too! can't wait to see more!

Alex said...

phallic. BUT it looks pretty awesome and I would drive it. Show me decontructor!

Dave Inscore said...

Hey Alex,

First, thanks for the kinds words about Big Huge! Most appreciated. Second, please help spread the word to your talented Ringling friends - we have two concept art openings, one on our RPG and the other top-secret Wii title that you worked on.

Stay in touch,

Dave Inscore
Founder and Studio Art Director
Big Huge Games