Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blend Shape Fun

Just got done with our first big critique for this semester... We had our layout due and our blendshape test for our characters. Doing this short little animation made us both very excited about actually animating these guys for the rest of the film!




Kim Hazel said...

Dear Alex,


Love kim.

John Nguyen said...

Hey Alex,

Looks great. Do you think it would be more interesting if the chest armor moved as one rigid piece instead of deforming. Also would me a nice contrast to the Knockout's deformations. Still, great work.


Jack Ebensteiner said...

Hey Alex, it's looking awesome so far! I'm assuming the critique went well. The expressions are extremely... expressive.

You guys should update more often! I check in quite a bit on the progress!

Hammy said...

Awesome! Your character is so full of details and life! Simply loving it. I can't wait to see the final!! :D

Alex said...

Hey guys, thanks so much!

Kim: !!!!!!!!!!

John: I think that is definitely something we are gonna try out and see how it looks

Jack: Yea the crit went well. We got some staging stuff to fix but all in all not too bad. Thanks and i will definitely try to post more

Hammy: thank you so much, i cant wait to finish it :-D


Anonymous said...

Hey Alex:
Really looking super. Keep up the great work.

Gordon Pinkerton said...

My deepest apologies... you see... I didn't think my blog was good enough to bare your name on it. But it's been fixed!!! and you're at the top of my alphabetical list. haha

P.S.- Blendshapes = awesome. I'm soooooo looking forward to seeing the finished piece!