Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas


I guess to be politically correct...Happy Holidays! Thesis is chugging along, actually we took a break from it for the Holiday Break. We got plenty of corrections to make but a plan of attack for the Spring Semester. Its shaping up, semester we get into more texturing and rendering so Greg and I should be posted a lot more updates!! 4 more months....yikes.

In the meantime been working on some more personal stuff...heres one of my gifts for my parents. I orignally planned for it to be a Christmas gift last winter but that didnt really pan out so i revised it and added a spot for my Sister-in-Law. Cranked it out in a few nights, definitely going to try and do MORE stuff with color, its a challenge...

Anywho HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Marinos!!!!